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About Alanna

Alanna Arthur-Chee, MA

Alanna is a Life Coach, Facilitator and Writer who has worked with clients worldwide in her private practice since 2003. She specializes in helping people clear the unresolved material that’s been in the way of them knowing themselves as a Divine being having a human experience. She has a background in Spiritual Psychology and is also trained in Internal Family Systems. She also has extensive experience and training in the fields of intuition, energy medicine and Mind Body Medicine. Alanna knows the vital importance of people following their inner knowing and facilitates individuals and groups in connecting to their body, their intuition, and to Source, in support of their wellness on all levels, and living a rich, meaningful life.

Alanna coaches and facilitates individuals and groups from diverse professions including doctors, therapists, lawyers, actors, award winning writers, entrepreneurs, stay at home parents, and business and entertainment executives from companies such as Disney and Paramount. She facilitates several programs, such as Diamond Reflection Journeys, Living Light, Living Your Intuition, and Living with Meaning and on Purpose. She has also facilitated workshops and courses focused on personal growth and development, health and wellness, energy medicine, intuition development, awakening in consciousness, meditation, and stress reduction to name a few.

Over the course of 7 years, Alanna served as faculty at the University of Santa Monica for several of their programs in Spiritual Psychology, including - Soul-Centered Living I, Life Mastery and Soul-Centered Living II, and Consciousness, Health, and Healing. She also partners with her husband, Dr. Stephen Chee, a quadruple board certified Integrative Medicine specialist, to bring an integrative approach to health and wellness in a medical clinic setting.

As a writer, Alanna has had articles published in magazines, has written her own blogs, has been a featured guest blogger, and has served as a ghost writer. She enjoys writing and sees it as a way to share her work, be of service, and reach a greater population across the globe.

Alanna received a Master of Arts Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica (USM) in 2007 and added an Emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing in 2008. She also graduated from the USM Soul-Centered Professional Coaching program in 2013, and completed the Soul-Centered Facilitation Program in 2019. Additionally, Alanna has been trained in Internal Family Systems, and received special training from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine in The Stress Management And Resiliency Training (SMART). Alanna considers herself a lifelong student, having spent more than 30 years studying within the fields of consciousness, spirituality and personal growth, completing numerous other trainings and certificate programs along the way.

In her free time, she nurtures her body, mind, and spirit through long walks in nature, yoga, writing, meditation, creating expressive art, and photographing nature’s beauty. Alanna resides in the Los Angeles area with her husband, Steve.

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